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UmmatiKids History & Past Events

February 2018

UmmatiKids is founded(formerly called LittleUmmati)

January 2019

UmmatiKids starts to gain popularity within the local community

January 2020

Covid-19 Hits

May 2020

UmmatiKids has taught over 1000+ people around the globe


UmmatiKids continues to empower children & teens around the world 



Salah Workshop

February 2018

This was our very first event, where Ummatikids started from. It featured a talk about salah by Mufti Zeeshan Kasimudeen, a mini salah booklet, and sports with Pizza served at the end. It took place at a local Mosque. 


French Classes 

October 2018

French classes, a retired course, once brought the best of the French language to eager learners. With its immersive curriculum and passionate instructors, it ignited a spark within students. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, French classes not only taught grammar and vocabulary but also nurtured an appreciation for French literature and art. Students reveled in the joy of mastering the delicate pronunciation of "bonjour" and relished the satisfaction of crafting eloquent sentences en français. Though now retired, the legacy of French classes lives on, leaving behind a trail of inspired Francophiles who continue to embrace the elegance of the French language.

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Sewfun (1).png


Sew Fun

May 2019

This course was one of UmmatiKids biggest hits. It was introduced in 2019 with 600+ total students with 5 Modules. Sew Fun(in person) was a sewing course taught with the Quran and sunnah by a Professional sewing expert. The online version of this course is opening soon. You may register here.


Kids E Khutbah

February 2020

When Covid-19 first hit, it hit hard, especially across Canada & US. All the mosques were closed, and to top that off, there was a total Lockdown. So, We decided to do something about it and released 100% free, Online Khutbah's every Friday(For Kids, By Kids was our motto). That was a huge hit, and it helped Muslims from around the globe to rejuvenate and strengthen their faith.

Kids E Khutbah.jpg
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Quranic Gems

April 2020

The retired Ummatikids course on Quranic gems was a cherished program that provided children with a captivating exploration of the profound wisdom found in the Quran. Designed to engage young learners, this course offered a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of the divine message through interactive lessons and engaging activities. By uncovering the hidden treasures within the Quran, children gained valuable insights and a deeper understanding of their faith. Though the course has now retired, the impact it had on nurturing a love for the Quran and instilling essential life lessons remains an enduring legacy.



August 2020

ELA was a retired Ummatikids course that served as an essential stepping stone in the educational journey of young learners. This engaging and interactive program aimed to nurture a strong foundation in English skills, including reading, writing, and speaking. Through storytelling, literature, and grammar exercises, ELA effectively empowered children to express their thoughts, comprehend complex texts, and develop critical thinking abilities. ELA left a legacy of countless inspired children to embrace the English language, setting them on a path towards academic success.

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