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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a refund for an UmmatiKid's course?
Yes, of course! All you need to do is contact our Team through our live chat before starting the course.*


What types of courses or subjects are covered on the website?
We offer a variety of courses, from Advanced sewing classes to Quran Tafseer to Cooking Classes.


How long does a course typically last?
Usually, our courses range from 3 weeks to a few months. You don't need to fully commit yourself as we also have recordings available. Workshops, on the other hand, take 2-6 hours for one day.


How is the content structured, and what format is it presented in?
UmmatiKids courses are (currently)online live classes with Google Classroom for satisfactory communication. You can also receive recordings upon request. There is homework and a WhatsApp group for any questions. We use Zoom for hosting classes.


Are the courses on UmmatiKids free or is there a fee to access?
Most of our courses and workshops cost, but the fee is very minimal and budget friendly just to make sure our content is valued. We do also have a few free courses available.


How do I enroll in a course?
Currently, our course registration is closed(on seasonal bases), so if you want to get notified, make sure to sign upwe will notify you when registration opens up.


What are the qualifications of the instructors or teachers on the website?
All of our teachers have the skills and experience required to teach. You can learn more on About Us.


How can I get technical support if I have issues with the website or content?
You can always contact us through out chatbox**, and we will get back to you as soon as possible inshAllah!

*Refunds do not apply to any Workshops, Events, or Webinars. Also, a 15% Admin Fee will be deducted regardless of starting the course.

**The chatbox is a blueish-message icon usually on the bottom-right corner(on mobile it's 3 dots)

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