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Quranic Gems




8 Weeks

About the Course

"The best Of you are those who teach it to Others"-(Prophet Muhammad)

Ummati Kids is honoured to have esteemed junior Ustadha Zahrah host our weekly Quranic Gems.

During these times, when our children are exposed to a plethora of ideologies

and trends from the society around them, it becomes a crucial need to connect Our young

Ummatis to the Word of Allah. We, as parents, need this for children. We them to

make Quran their best companion!

And what better way to inspire them, than a young Muslimah and motivational speaker

Herself! Ustadha Zahrah is not only a student of the Quran but a Quran Lover. She will encourage the children by sharing Quranic Gems in her

unique teaching style!

So let's begin this momentous journey - Quran through the Lens Of a Child.

Share the ajar by telling others! Our Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: "A good word is charitable act".

So, be part of the Best of People and do charity, ask others to join. JazakAllah Khair!

Your Instructor

Ust. Zahrah Batoul

Ust. Zahrah Batoul

Coming Soon

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