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Ust. Aisha Maryam

Founder, Instructor

Ustadha Aisha Maryam is an American Certified Montessori Professional, a Quran-based curriculum curator, and a self-taught mixed media artist. With the grace of Allah, Ustadha Aisha is both an educator and a student of sacred knowledge. She is an ongoing student of the Islamic Sciences, including Tajweed, Tafseer, Hanafi Fiqh, and Arabic, studying under various notable Traditional Scholars and teachers. She also has 2 Ijaza's(Islamic Certificate) in Quranic Tajweed and Arba'in an Nawawi(40 Hadith of Nawawi).


Inspired by the beautiful sunnah of beloved RasulAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم, coupled with a passion for teaching the future ummah, Ustadha Aisha Maryam, founded Ummati Kids, in 2018.


She is also a veteran homeschooler of 10+ years, and her philosophy of educating children is based on the Sunnah model of teaching - that is imparting Ta’leem, Tarbiyah, Ta’deeb, Tazkiyah and Tafakkur.


In her local community, she has successfully organized many kids' programs such as Quran fairs, Seerah workshops, life skills courses with certifications, Hadith camps and book clubs. During the pandemic years, she has utilized the online platform to educate Muslim children globally.


In her spare time, you can find her in her art studio, working avidly on Arabic calligraphy, Quran journaling, or making unique art pieces in the love of the Beloved (saw). She also enjoys sunnah sports with her family and has received certification in archery.


Ust. Aisha Maryam
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